Breaking addiction with nicotine gum

More and more tobacco consumers are trying to break the habit with the help of nicotine gum. Quitting smoking is a hard thing to do, with many people saying that the addiction to cigarettes is as bad, if not worse than a serious drug habit. Cigarettes, after all, are legal and can be purchased at basically any store. So it is no surprise that many people who are trying to quit have been looking for help to get rid of the habit forever.

Nicotine gum is a very apt and descriptive term. It is chewing gum with a set amount of nicotine in place, for use in stopping smoking. It can be used in regularly scheduled intervals, or just when the urge to smoke strikes. The nicotine gum is chewed until a tingle signals that the nicotine has been released, and then tucked into the cheek, where the nicotine is absorbed into the bloodstream. You freshen up the gum by chewing it a few times and then placing it back in your cheek.

Nicotine gum is considered nicotine replacement therapy, in with products like patches and lozenges that replace the nicotine that you would consume in a cigarette with nicotine in the products. Many programs have you stepping slowly down from higher to lower doses of nicotine, allowing your body to slowly decrease its dependence, staving off the worst of withdrawals. The nicotine gum also helps with the habit and routine of smoking, giving the smoker’s mouth something to do other than smoke; a habit often developed over many years. The added benefit of keeping the mouth busy can help make a craving desist.

Whether nicotine gum is the first thing a person tries or the last, quitting smoking is the best thing they can do for their health. With the variety of smoking cessation options available both over the counter and by prescription, science is trying its hardest to keep up with this powerfully dangerous addiction.